Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clarisonic NutraSonic Brush Head UV Light Sanitizer

Clarisonic NutraSonic Brush Head UV Light Sanitizer keeps Clarisonic or NutraSonic brush heads clean and free of bacteria and germs. UV Light in a specific spectrum has shown in numerous clinical tests to eliminate 99.9 % of these pathogens on your face brush in only a few minutes of exposure. This UV Light Sanitizer is a must have accessory for any Clarisonic or NutraSonic brush owner, any Clarisonic or NutraSonic brush head fits into it. Learn more here

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NeoCutis Peche Redness Control Sale

Neocutis Peche Redness Control is clarity enhancing treatment to calm redness, blotchiness and blemishes. A skin balancing complex is fortified with dextran sulfate, zinc, caffeine and glycerin to help minimize the appearance of blotchiness, blemishes and improve overall skin tone. Your complexion is left looking healthier, clearer and radiant. Learn more here

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glytone Keratosis Pilaris, KP Kit

Glytone KP Kit treats Keratosis Pilaris which is a common skin condition characterized by small, red bumps primarily on the back and upper arms. The Keratosis Pilaris kit will help reduce these symptoms. The 2 step system incorporates intensive glycolic acid levels to rid the skin of unsightly bumps. The Exfoliating Body Wash cleanses and exfoliates the skin. The Body Lotion, used in conjunction with the Exfoliating Body Wash, smoothes away those rough bumps to reveal smooth, supple skin. A synergistic glycolic acid program that helps keratosis pilaris. Intensive levels of ‘free’ glycolic acid helps renew rough, dry skin and minimize red bumps. It will mprove the texture of the skin for renewed smoothness. Also, hydrates and softens dry, rough skin. Learn more here

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cellex C AgeLess 15 Young Eyes Contour Gel

Cellex C Age Less 15 Young Eyes Contour Gel is a plumping, wrinkle-reducing eye gel that lifts, tightens and significantly reduces wrinkle depth with by deeply penetrating the skin for intense hydration. This silky cream works as an eye makeup primer and helps skin maintain a youthful appearance. Learn more here

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celfix DNA Youth Recovery

Skin DNA is subject to thousands of daily environmental assaults from pollution to sun exposure. Your body naturally repairs its DNA everyday. However, it can only repairs about 50% of the daily damage. CELFIX DNA focused skincare can help the body recover from the rest by utilizing a targeted delivery of natural recovery enzymes, nourishing antioxidants and advanced moisturizers. Learn more here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dermacyte Oxygen Skin Care

DERMACYTE emulsion was created by a team of scientists who have been working for 15 years on the development of oxygen-based treatments for life-threatening medical conditions. Their experiments resulted in the discovery of oxycyte technology, a unique and highly effective carrier that delivers oxygen to damaged tissues. Oxycyte technology allows the transfer of large amounts of dissolved natural oxygen without the use of chemical activators like hydrogen peroxide, which is known to dry and bleach skin. Given that oxygen is vital for the healthy appearance of skin and is known to have a beneficial effect on wound healing, Oxycyte technology inspired the creation of a new oxygen-enriched skincare product. Learn more here

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush

Super Sonic Smile Toothbrush SONIC teeth cleansing is clinically proven to remove up to 50% more hard to reach plaque at the gum line and between the teeth. The SONIC bristle movement provides superior plaque removal and gently massages your gums at the same time. Sonic teeth cleansing also has shown to significantly whiten your teeth in only 14 days compared to conventional toothbrushes. It has 2 speeds. Low for everyday use and sensitive gums and High for plaque removal and cleaning. Integrated UV Sanitizing Light chamber for two brush heads that kills 99.9% of the Bacteria and Germs on the brush bristles. Specifically engineered brush head design to help remove plaque in hard to reach areas. Learn more here